La Notte ApartSment

We are in the town of La Morra, and more precisely in the tiny hamlet of L'Annunziata, where in the XIII Century, a group of Benedictine Monks constructed the first dwellings. La Morra, capital of Lower Langa Barolo District, is a small village, 513 meters above sea level, surrounded by a protective wall, the Belvedere of which, (once the site of the castle) affords a splendid view. Renown since antiquity for its excellent wines and superb cuisine, La Morra has conserved its passion for food and drink through the ages, and can boast of world class wineries and restaurants. In the land of the great “King of Wines - and - Wine of Kings,” Barolo, aficionados of quality vintages can find more than 60 wineries to visit or sign up for guided tasting sessions. An enchanted Nature. Row upon row of vineyards that change hues with each passing season, but offer their exuberant finest in Autumn with an explosion of chromatics from the world's finest artist Himself: the Creator. For those fond of walking, we suggest the Seven Trails of La Morra, which, winding through the vineyards, will lead you to the discovery of Langhe hidden attractions: field chapels, ciabot (ancient toolsheds) and the isolated farmsteads of the Langa, which maintain all the heartwarming allure of the past ages.To find out more, please visit: