La Notte Apartment

It's the setting that makes all the difference! Mid-hill between La Morra and Alba, La Notte offers an apartment with an extraordinary view: on one side the Langa Hills, and on the other, the massive fortress bluff of La Morra, with its Belvedere.
The apartment was born from our desire to share "home" with those who dream of reveling in the tranquil beauty of a small Langa village. We are located in a unique territory, a corner of heaven in which a generous nature has met the respectful, loving and age-old work of civilized man. It is a victorious and mutually beneficial encounter of culture and nature, each shaping the other.
It is this particular conjugation that we wish to share, that of a rustic farm-world in synthesis with Art, the world of a true “Man of the Langa,” such as Giuseppe Pinot Gallizio (Alba 1902 - 1964). The accomodation wishes to pay homage to his life and art, both suffused in the flavors, moods and spirit of this land.

Imaginably one of the most panoramic apartments in all of the Langa, La Notte offers personalized and family-friendly hospitality to those who long for a full-immersion in the magic of these hills.